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After a couple of roots I found it useful to offer my mouth and give my pussy a rest. She felt the stream start to flow and directed it into the toilet. And the fingernails returned. Why would you even think such a thing.

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What the fuck am i doing. I tried to remember what happened in the last 10 minutes that led to this but i couldn't focus right now. Looks like you guys are getting kinda excited too, he said as he raised his hands towards the front of their bikini tops and fingered their stiff nipples that had grown outwards.

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Babycakes 10 months ago
Its nice to see that we've come a long way..... 60 years ago this sorta thing would have gotten us killed...now its or God given right !!
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Maveris 10 months ago
Ha ha. I was thinking the same thing. Nice cock, but that is all.
Tiggy 10 months ago
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King 10 months ago
Perfection, ripe and ready.
Joy 10 months ago
I'd love to feel this cock exploding inside me ass :P